Tuesday, November 9, 2010


When your on your own alot of things change. You have to portray yourself the way You want to be seen and You have to form Your own relationships based on who You best mesh with. No one knows who You have been before the moment they met You. Everything is new, everything is fresh, You can be whoever You want to be. So who would You be?

Which version of your best self would you take on?

This is a question that almost everyone has wrestled with at one time or another in their life. With a fresh start what would you redo who would you be this time around.. yada yada yada. But if we are always looking for ways to change what are we maintinag of our own true self?

uncertainty constant mind numbing uncertainty

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Everyday we wake up and do the same thing as the last. Hop out of bed. It's a race against time to get showered and throw on the four year old beaten up plaid skirt hanging on the back of the chair. A brush wiz's through my hair tugging at knots, scrutinizing my tardiness. Foaming toothpaste gathers around my mouth transforming me into a rabid dog as I leap for the sink, toothpaste leaking from my lips. Bouncing on one foot I fight to stay vertical while tying my tennis shoes. A quick spin leaves me face to face with my image staring back. Second nature I grab the tube of abused concealer and swipe it under my eyes. Concealing yet another night of mediocre sleep. Whipping my hair into a half hearted bun, scanning the room for any last task. Satisfied. Lunging for my backpack. I take runners stance and bolt out the door.